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Going out alone can be scary.......

Going out alone can be scary. A lot of guys don’t have the confidence to go out by themselves. Imagine then how hard it is then to pickup beautiful women all by yourself!

You have no wingman to rely on. It is all on you.

Sometimes you have no choice. You’re on a business trip for a few days or your friends don’t want go out or whatever excuse. Either way, that is not a reason not to go out by yourself to meet women.

So how do you pickup women by yourself?

First off, you have to deal with the excuses that will be coming up that prevents you from going solo. Do you recognize some of these?

-Won’t it look strange if I am by myself?

-I will do a lot better with wings or friends.

-What do I say if they ask me why I am out alone?

-Going out alone is boring.

These are all just (bad) beliefs and excuses in your head that are preventing you from taking action. Your approach anxiety is a lot higher for sarging solo because you have no safety net to fall back on (your friends and wings).

However, there are a lot of advantages to go out alone. It can be done anytime you want. No longer do you have to wait for your wing to come over or meet you somewhere.

You will learn how to be self-sufficient; no more reliance on others for your success.

Another added advantage is that going out alone will improve your confidence level a lot. Yes, it is very scary to go out by yourself.

Once you overcome that fear of being a bar or club by yourself you will feel a lot more confident. Knowing that you can go anywhere alone and feel comfortable will boost your confidence by leaps and bounds.

When you can pickup women by yourself then sarging with wings and friends is like shooting fish in a barrel. It is too easy.

Above all, you will get more practice to improve your game. The fastest way to improve any skill set is doing a lot of practice.

So what are you waiting for? Take action today!

“But sarging solo is so hard.....”

Sarging solo is no doubt very hard. To jumpstart your game you might want to check out this interview.

Love Systems just released an audio interview called “Sarging Solo” that is full of practical advice to learn how to pickup women by yourself.

What do you say when woman asks you “where are your friends?” or “are you here by yourself?”

Knowing how to properly respond to these questions can make or break your interaction.

Also specific routines work better when you are alone whereas some routines might backfire. (If you need more routines, check out the Routines Manual Vol 2. It’s 200 pages full of routines.)

Since you don’t have a wingman there are certain obstacles you need to overcome. The interview includes several solo wingman tactics you can use to prevent friends from pulling away your girl. Plus it includes advanced tactics to make instant wingmen.

And many more tips and strategies are given to successfully pickup women by yourself...

If you want to learn more on picking up women by yourself, grab a copy of the Sarging Solo interview today by clicking here.

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