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What's REALLY going on here...

Some women don't like the Love Systems Routines Manual and don't think that Love Systems should be publishing it.

They made the book because so many guys see a beautiful woman, or are in conversation with her, and they RUN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY.

(If you're wondering what a "routine" is - it's something you can say or do that gets a specific reaction from a woman. My opening lines are routines. The story I tell about doing live translation of a mugging in Paris is a routine. The way I get a girl to leave the bar and come home with me is a routine. A routine is something I know works that I can use over and over.)

Love Systems went to the top dating coaches, pick up artists, and even "naturals" around the world, and we asked them for their best routines.

Yes, even naturals use routines. They don't call them routines; they call them "their best stuff." Every guy I know who is good with women has his go-to pieces that he always pulls out when he really wants a girl.

They collected all of these. And they put together careful notes on how to use each one. Some routines just aren't meant for the daytime, or for mixed groups. Some are better if you've got a certain personality type. And so on.

The new Love Systems Routines Manual Vol 2 even covered all of the most common responses beautiful women give to the most popular routines, and where to go with each one.

(You can actually get Volume 1 and Volume 2 together for a big discount on that page.)

And that's why everyone is freaking out:
• All new routines. There's no overlap between the two books.

• A guide to each routine. Every routine is introduced with expert advice about when and when not to use it, different variations, and great comebacks to use for the most common responses.

• A full chapter with new openers - never wonder "what do I say?" when you want to approach a woman, group of women, or even mixed groups (women with men with them).

• A whole chapter for each stage of the Emotional Progression Model, including all-new Attraction Routines, Qualification Routines, and Comfort Routines.

• A bonus chapter with phone and text game routines - edited by Love Systems instructor Braddock, the master of phone and text game.

• An additional chapter featuring Day Game routines - edited by Soul, the lead instructor for Love Systems Day Game.

That’s not everything! Love Systems decided to include a whole bunch of extra stuff - stuff they planned to save for future products because it was so dynamite.
• The Love Systems Triad Model in its entirety. They were going to wait for Magic Bullets 2.0 for that, but not anymore. They lay out, for the first time, every step of the secret Love Systems approach. And you benefit.

• Turning things sexual. All of those secret techniques like "seeding" and "sexual framing" that turn cold approaches and "let's just be friends" into same-night lays and sexual relationships.

• Advanced Attraction game, using both "state-based" and "intrigue-based" routines, with dozens of examples of both.

Why does this make people so mad?

I'm not sure, but I'll take a guess.

If anyone can just go download a copy of the Love Systems Routines Manual (Volume 1 or Volume 2) they can have, 5 minutes later, hours and hours and hours of proven DYNAMITE stuff that beautiful women react to.

And since there are two hundred pages and millions of variations, the odds of her having heard any routine remotely similar to yours are pretty close to zero.

This can make some women feel disempowered, or occasionally even defensive.
"It's not fair," women say, or "it gives men an unfair advantage."

(Notice how men don't complain that breast enlargements give women an unfair advantage... but then again, it's socially okay for men to admit that they like women and like sex. Women are supposed to be "good girls." Don't blame Love Systems - if Love Systems were running the world we'd send all the judgmental people to bed without their dessert.)

Of course, anyone who has read the Love Systems Routines Manual Vol 2 knows that while it may give men a huge advantage, it's not "unfair." The aim of the book is to get everyone familiar with what a great routine is and our detailed guide to making your own.

Maybe that's what some people are afraid of.

If every man can make his own powerful, professional-quality routines that he can use to succeed with beautiful women... So get your copy today by clicking here!

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