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Review of Dave Riker's Speed seduction language and conversation course

Review of Dave Riker's 11 cd and workbook - Speed seduction, language and conversation course

(Please note I've no connection with Dave - if you're interested you can find out more from and )

In brief this an excellent course if you're interested in improving your conversation, influencing, hypnosis, poetic and / or seduction skills.

My only caution is that while you'll pick up useful tips in a casual listen (which in itself will take 10 hours or so) you'll get a lot more benefit if you do all the exercises and listen several times - which could add up to an investment of several weeks.

On the other hand its one of the best collections of: speaking tips, language tools, language structures and techniques, conversation management, conversation topics and patterns that I've come across brought together in one place.

I know that this stuff works - however I can imagine anyone who hasn't had any exposure to this sort of material give up in disbelief before getting value from it. So if you're thinking of buying it only do so after making the commitment that you're going to use it!

Below is very short extract of some of the material covered:

Examples and uses of 'trance words' - which tend to immediately lead the listener into another state: eg Suddenly, find yourself, imagine, suppose, convince yourself etc

Examples of 'weasel phrases' ( There must be a better description!) - which are phrases that lead the imagination and work well before an embedded command: eg Have you ever, what's it like when you, as you etc

Examples of linking (An anchoring technique) - which enables
you to link good feelings and emotions to yourself: eg Now with me, in me, these, this belief, these feelings etc. A number of anchoring techniques are included.

Examples of listing - listing can be used to pace experience, give reasons to support your views. It can be useful to 'hide' more adventurous options within a list and to put your prefer ed suggestion at the end.

Examples of using 'more the more' (Which I really like) - which enables you to more easily lead someone through a series of steps and amplify the result.

Examples of using parts. One example of which is the hallucination that if someone is not behaving in a way that you think is useful - assume that the person has a part that supports your point of view - and gain support of that part. (With my NLP hat on please remember to integrate when you've finished!)

Examples of universal wants - which enables you to guess something the person may want: eg confidence, security, control etc

Examples of how to gently challenge - challenges are often far more important than compliments: eg you seem, you seem as if, are you able to, you may, maybe you can etc. lots of other examples of challenges are included.

Examples of seduction orientated topics of conversation eg surrendering to feelings, getting excited, trusting your judgement, indulgence, good decisions.

If you're interested in this sort of material you'll really like the course.

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