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Attraction and seduction books

Selection of my favorite attraction and seduction books:

For men and mainly about women,

The Game is a sort of biography of the key players in the 'Seduction Industry'. I found it equally sad, honest, useful and extrememly interesting. One on my sons made the comment "It's as much about male bonding as seduction." Hilarious glossary of terms at the end.

Mystery is one of the main 'players' in the Game above. The 'Mystery Method' summarises his suggested approaches. One of his predaicates is that men are naturally attracted to women with high 'replication' value and women are attracted to men with a high 'survivor' value. Well worth a read. Recommended.

Ross Jeffries is often considered the original 'speed seducer' and is also featured in the 'The Game'. I like Ross' stuff although this book is not up to his DVD's How to get the women..

Richard La Ruina's The Natural Art of Seduction is a sort of development from 'The Game' and 'Mystery Method' and builds on sussessful formula and content of both books. Most of the stories in the book take place in the UK. Recommended.

'The Cube' is simply a fun, short imagination game which can capture the imagination...

'Sperm Wars' has been described as the 'most entertaining' science book of its year. Quoting the back cover "Evolution has programmed men to conquor and monopololise women while women, without knowing they are doing it seek the best genetic input available..."

"Fullfilment isn't a matter of a better position, a better body, or a better partner - it's about unlocking inhibitions and finding one's unique keys to pleasure".

Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Sex is a study of the charachteristics of women who enjoy hightened pleasure during sex.

Its alledged that men read and watch pornography while women are attracted to reading romance novels. A huge number of them infact (25% of all books sold?). Why are all the hero's mean, moody and magnificant? And bad in some way.......

(Although this ties in with Mystery's idea that women are naturally attracted to men with high 'suirvival' skills)

The book explores and explodes some myths about romance novels.

The 'Red Queen' is about the how's and why's of the evolutionary struggle between men and women and has recommendations from Richard Dawkins and the Wall Street Journal.

Strong stuff.

Has the male 'human mind' evolved like the 'peacocks tail' and become attractive to women? 'The Mating Mind' explores some human behaviour and advocates that some of our behaviour is actually about displaying our attractiveness to mates.....

Break, Blow, Burn - Camille Paglia explores and dissects 43 of her (and in many cases the world's ) favorite poems. If you have even a small interest in genuine poetry. Buy, read, enjoy It!

Sexual Personae is a ruthless, menacing and brilliant dissection of the best of English literature. Its a huge 'tome' (736 pages) but if you have an interest in the darker and sexual side of (almost all of ) English literature buy it!

"In the beginning their was nature. The background from which and against which our ideas of God were formed, nature remains the supreme moral problem. We cannot hope to understand sex and gender until we clarify our ideas towards nature. Sex is a subset to nature. Sex is the natural in man.......

Simply a fun book looking at why some women like 'bad boys.'

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