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Great Resource - The Game by Neil Strauss

The Game by Neil Strauss you can buy it here

Neil is a journalist who, with a certain amount of trepidation entered the world and community of the professional pick up artist - those who have devoted their lives to the art of seducing women - and developed his own skill level to be considered one of, if not the best.

The book is great for tips and ideas as well giving a fascination story of the growth and development of the 'pickup industry' - with all the success, frustration and raw humanity exposed. It's both sad, touches lots of nerves and tremendously empowering.

Both men and women reviewers on amazon give this book top marks.

Because of his reputation Neil was asked, among others to be interviewed by Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and Courtney Love - and gives some fascinating insights into all of them.

A quote from Neil towards the end of the book sums it up for me.

"I needed Mystery, Ross Jeffries, David DeAngelo, Daxid X, Juggeler, Steve P, Rasputin and all the other pseudonyms. I needed them to discover what was me to begin with. And now I have found that person brought out of his shell, and learnt to accept him, maybe I've outgrown them...

"I've spent two years meeting every girl in L.A. and out of all of them I chose you ( his girl friend) .....I realised it wasn't entirely accurate. If there was anything I'd learnt, it's that a man never chooses the women. All he can do is give her the opportunity to choose him."

Neil Strauss

It also has a comprehensive glossary of the code used by pick up artists - examples:

AFC - noun (average frustrated chump): A stereotypical nice guy who has no pickup skills or understanding of what attracts a women; a man who tends to engage in supplicative and wimpy patterns of behaviour around women he has not yet slept with. Origin: Ross Jeffries.

Chick Crack - noun: any spiritual or psychological subject that appeals to most women but does not interest most men, such as astrology, tarot cards and personality tests. Origin: Tyler Durden.

DHV - noun or verb (demonstration of higher value): A routine in which the pickup artist displays a skill or attribute that raises his worth or appeal in the estimation of a women or group; it is intended to make him stand out from the other, less interesting men in the club. Autonym: DLV (demonstration of lower value).

Field Test-verb: to experiment with and perfect a pickup tactic or routine on a number of women in different social situations before sharing it with other pickup artists.

Freeze Out-verb or noun: to ignore a women to make her seek validation; used a technique to counter last minute submission.

Group Theory - noun: the idea that women are usually accompanied by friends, to meet her a man must simultaneously win the approval of her friends while actively demonstrating a lack of interest in her.

NEG - noun: an ambiguous statement or seemingly accidental insult delivered to a beautiful women a pickup artist has just met, with the intent of actively demonstrating to her (or her friends) a lack of interest in her. For example "Those are nice nails; are they real?"Origin: Mystery.

ONE-ITIS - noun: an obsession with a girl whom one is not dating; pickup artists believe that such a fixation on one women significantly lowers a man's chances of dating or sleeping with her. Origin: John C. Ryan.

Push-Pull - noun: a technique used to increase or create or increase attraction, in which a man gives a women indication that he is non interested in her followed by indication that he is. This sequence can take place in a few seconds - such as taking a womens hands and then dropping them as if you don't trust her yet - or over time, such as being very nice over one phone conversation but being very uprupt over the next. Origin: Style.

Shit Test - noun: a question, demand, or seemingly hostile comment made by a women intended to gauge whether a man is strong enough to be a worthy boyfriend or sexual partner. If he takes the question, demand or question at face value he fails and generally looses the opportunity to move forward in his interaction with her. Examples include telling him he's too young or old, or asking him to perform an unnecessary favour.

Three second rule - noun: a guideline stating that a women should be approached within three seconds of first seeing her. It is intended to prevent the man from thinking about the approach too much and getting nervous, as well as to keep him from creeping the women by staring at her for too long. Origin: Mystery.

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