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Have you played the cube? - Play the game but keep the secret

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Spread the Word.....But keep the secret,

The cube is an imagination game - and more - that holds a secret you dare not reveal. Last seen making the rounds in the coffee houses of Easter Europe, the cube is rumoured to be of Sufi origin, but know one knows for sure. You can buy a book on the cube here.

If we suggested a 5 stage model of seduction:

  • making contact
  • developing an emotional and intuition connection
  • raising a challenge and sexual tension
  • demonstrating you're safe / comfort
  • closing

Playing the cube is an an excellent way of developing or improving the second stage; whether you want to take it further or not.

Ask your partner or potential partner to:

Imagine a desert landscape with nothing more than sand, sea and a horizon.

Imagine a cube in it. Describe it - what do you see (hear, feel, taste or smell), what is it made of, where is it, how big is it?

Add a ladder to the landscape. Describe it - what do you see, what is made of, how big is it, what is its relationship with the cube?

Add a horse. Describe it - what do you see, what sort, colour, what is it doing, what is its relationship with the cube?

Now somewhere in the landscape is a storm, what kind is it, how (if at all) does in effect the cube, ladder or horse?

Add some flowers. Describe them. What kind, size? What is their relationship to the ladder horse and storm?

Now visualise the whole scene. What do you see, feel, hear and smell.

What does this mean?

Do not read this until you've done the exercise!!

The cube is you,

The ladder are your friends,

The horse is you lover,

The storm is the storm that will occur from time to time in life,

The flowers are your children.

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