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Ordinary Women - Extraordinary Sex

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Ordinary Women - Extraordinary Sex, Releasing the passion within by Dr Sandra Scantling and Sue Browder

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Sexual fulfillment isn't a matter of a better position, a better body, or a better partner - its about unlocking inhibitions and finding ones unique keys to pleasure. It's a book that looks at women who experience sex at the high end of the 'pleasure scale' to discover what we can learn from them.

(anyone who has any experience of real NLP or hypnosis will immediately relate to much of the content of this book.)

If you're interested have a go at the following quiz that will give you an idea of your absorption score - which relates to your capability of experiencing exceptional pleasure.

Answer true or false for the following:

1. Sometimes I feel and experience things as I did when I was a child.

2. I can be greatly moved by eloquent or poetic language.

3. While watching a movie, TV show, or play, I may become so involved that I forget about myself and my surroundings and experience the story as if it were real and I were actually taking part in it.

4. If I stare at a picture and then look away from it, I can sometimes "see" an image of the picture, almost as if I were still looking at it.

5. Sometimes I feel as if my mind could envelop the whole world.

6. I like to watch cloud shapes and changes in the sky.

7. If I wish, I can imagine (or daydream) some things so vividly that they hold my attention as a good movie or story does.

8. I think I really know what some people mean when they talk about mystical experiences.

9. I sometimes "step outside" my usual self and experience an entirely different state of being.

10. Textures such as wool, sand, or wood sometimes remind me of colors or music.

11. Sometimes I experience things as if they were doubly real.

12. When I listen to music, I can get so caught up in it that I don't notice anything else.

13. If I wish, I can imagine that my body is so heavy that I could not move if I wanted to.

14. I can somehow sense the presence of another person before I actually see or hear him.

15. The crackling flames of a wood fire stimulates my imagination.

16. It is sometimes possible for me to be completely immersed in nature or in art and feels as if my whole state of consciousness has somehow been temporarily altered.

17. Different colors have distinctive and special meanings for me.

18. I am able to wander off into my own thoughts while doing a routine task and actually forget that I am doing the task, and then find a few minutes later that I have completed it.

19. I can sometimes recollect certain past experiences in my life with such clarity and vividness that is like, or almost like, reliving them again.

20. Things that might seem meaningless to others often make sense to me.

21. While acting in a play, I think I can really feel the emotions of the character and "become" her or him.

22. My thoughts often don't occur as words, but as visual images.

23. I often take delight in small things (like the five pointed star shape that appears when you cut an apple across the core, or the colors in soap bubbles).

24. When listening to organ music or other powerful music, I sometimes feel as if I am being lifted into the air.

25. Sometimes I can change noise into music by the way I listen to it.

26. Some of my most vivid memories are called up by scents and smells.

27. Certain music pieces of music remind me of pictures of moving patterns of colour.

28. I often know what someone is going to say before he or she says it.

29. I often have "physical memories," for example, after I've been swimming I may still feel as if I'm in the water.

30. The sound of a voice can be so fascinating to me that I can just go on listening to it.

31. At times I somehow feel the presence of someone who is not physically there.

32. Sometimes thoughts and images come to me without the slightest effort on my part.

33. I find that different odors have different colors.

34. I can be deeply moved by a sunset.

There are no certainties or absolutes here. But our research suggests that if you scored somewhere between 0 and 14, you are probably a low absorber; a score of 15 to 21 suggests you are a medium absorber; and if you're a 22 or above, you may well be a high absorber like the women in our study who describe supersex. The higher your score, the more you are presently able to immerse yourself in whatever you love-including sexual ecstasy.

As you can probably tell from the above quiz facets of the super sexual mindset include:
  • Focus on what you find pleasing
  • Learning to quiet the mind
  • Letting the moment lead you
  • Trusting your partner and yourself
  • Finding your true voice against the shoulds
  • Cultivating a beginners mind
  • Enhancing your enjoyment of senses, images and fantasies

    You can buy this book here

    The above is an extract from: Ordinary Women - Extraordinary Sex, Releasing the passion within by Dr Sandra Scantling and Sue Browder

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