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Richard La Ruina (Aka Gambler) podcast released

NLP, Seduction and attraction podcast

Richard La Ruina (aka Gambler) had nothing – no friends, no women, no social skills. That was in March 2005. Now he has so many hot female friends that he could fill a nightclub with them, he knows guys that are super cool and amazing fun to hang out with, he has made it to the upper echelons of the London scene, breezing in for free in all the top venues...

Listen to the podcast discussion between NLP trainer Michael Beale and Richard La Ruina, January 2008, please allow up to 2 minutes for the MP3 file to download.

Richard La Ruina's The Natural Art of Seduction book is a sort of development from 'The Game' and 'Mystery Method' and builds on sussessful formula and content of both books. Most of the stories in the book take place in the UK. Recommended.

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