Magic Bullets

The heart of attraction and seduction

I'm currently reviewing both David DeAngelo's body language DVD's and Ross Jeffries Frame control DVD's - As together they are well over 20 hours of content I'm not rushing it! - The Ross Jeffries DVD set is from a 1999 seminar and David DeAngelo is in the audience...The DeAngelo DVD's are (fairly) new.

Both in their own way are very good...

Hower in the middle of this rather mammoth session I started wondering what were the key messages that were coming out. And my conclusion is that there is a delightful paradox between to key themes:

The first is around men being comfortable at being slightly macho and mildly mischevious doing what ever needs to be done to be successful (in what ever way success means to them). A sort of I'm who I am - take me or leave me. A genuine honesty. You can tag along - but I'll still want to discover what's special about you.

A sort of life discipline which leads to success in the 'outer' world.

The second is around connection. Exploring how people connect to each other and to their own inner selves. How you conect to your flow and peak states, how to connect to be safe enough to totally surrender to your feelings and deepest desires. Being able to connect to your darker side without it overpowering you.

A sort of poetic discipline which leads to success in the 'inner' world.

I haven't got the words right yet but there's an interesting theme developing.......


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