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Review of Ross Jeffries Frame Control and Sexual Themes DVD set

I've just revisited Ross Jeffries "Advanced Speed Seduction (R), Frame control and sexual themes, Los Angeles SS seminar 1999" DVD's.

While I would NOT recommend these to someone who is totally new to the material they are one of my favorite DVD sets for more serious students learning about seduction*, NLP and hypnotic language. They contain over 16 hours material in 8 DVD's and 2 CD's.

The language is direct, and yet provides many keys to connecting with people on a more intuitive and exploratory level. Almost a way of developing a poetic approach to communication.
While the DVD's are full of a wide range of material I'm picking out two very short examples. What's interesting is that they provide the basis for developing many new patterns and approaches.

Ross gives creates a description of love as somewhere "where you can step into a special place with that special person and explore whats important to you both, knowing you're being totally honest and going to keep the other person safe."

The DVD's give an approach to develop this sort of language and communication.

They also explore a simple approach which I think is one of the most useful and powerful approaches in NLP. That of asking people to contrast and compare two similar concepts (that are important to them). - It encourages the client to go into a deep state and to access some of their deepest resources.

In this context you could ask the difference between any two of these words: want, need, craving, desire, dream, passion, goal or fantasy.

For example you could ask the difference between a want and a fantasy. And you could develop the difference with regard to concepts such as:

Physical sensations
Where it starts and finishes

Which leads to all sorts of interesting exploration......

You can find further information on Ross' site. Look for the section 'not for beginners' in the sites left hand margin.

And remember (as Mark Cunningham - one of Ross' co-presenters and an excellent hypnotist continues to say..) people with a life are more interesting than those that don't - and go out and do something new every week .. you can't fake who you are....but you can become who you want to be....


Listen to a conversation between Ross, Style and Mystery below:

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