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Dangerous men and adventurous women

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Dangerous men and adventurous women edited by Jayne Ann Krentz

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Depending on where you get your information 35%-50% of all books sold are romantic fiction. In this book best-selling romance novelists uncover the success of the genre and the tremendous appeal of these books to women.

A fascinating starting point is the hero:

"Who in most cases is mean, moody, magnificent creature with a curling lip and mocking eyes and an arrogant air of of self assurance.."

"Hero's are men who admit to being difficult to live with, who demand extremely high standards in every aspect of their lives, who are natural effortless leaders. He is the master of his life; he is in control."

"A hero can seem arrogant and short tempered, ruthless, tough, even cruel-he can be quite unlovable at first."

"She is able to read the small signals that tell her he is trustworthy, even though his hardness and antagonism may repel her at first."

"As she learns to trust him, he must learn to trust her, to understand that he can reveal to her his hidden core of vulnerability. Slowly he comes to realise that the only thing that will satisfy him is her admission of love for him, his equal commitment to a shared life. Equal partners in every way, they will live out their lives together.

"It is this which is the powerful and seductive fantasy at the heart of all romantic fiction."

You can buy this here

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