Magic Bullets

Why Read Magic Bullets?

Why You Should Read Magic Bullets

by Jeremy Soul

I get a ton of emails and messages every week from guys asking me for dating tips and advice. A thought occurred to me the other day: 98% of all these queries could be dealt with by reading Magic Bullets.

Which got me thinking about writing an article to remind everyone how good this book is! Seriously, if you haven’t read it, get yourself a copy now.

For me, Magic Bullets is the bible of dating. Years ago, I found another book which taught me how to be confident and funny with women. That helped, but nothing has been near as helpful as the holistic system set out in Magic Bullets.

The main point of Magic Bullets is that it gives you a comprehensive structure you can apply to any and every area of your dating life – all the way from saying hi to a woman to getting her into your bedroom and seducing her. It explains the different stages you need to go through in an interaction with a woman, what they are and why you need them. It will give you a very detailed knowledge of how female psychology works. To illustrate, the book has plenty of examples on how to execute each of the steps in real life and explains the techniques you can employ such as handling mixed groups of men and women, winging, disqualification, compliance, story-telling, what to do on dates and physical escalation.

These are my personal favourite bits of the book (bear in mind this is after getting GOOD at dating for about three years, so these things were refreshing to read even for me):

- Relationship Management section. Gives a great overview of a much neglected area of dating among pick up artists.

- Workplace Romance examples. Detailed blow-by-blow examples of how to make an office hook up work.

- Storytelling chapter. The number one thing most guys need to work on is their ability to talk more charismatically. This chapter teaches you that.

Magic Bullets has evolved way beyond Mystery’s original sequential M3 model of seduction. Terms like A3, C2 and X8 are outdated. Whenever I hear clients using this stuff, I have to ask them, “What are you talking about?” Everything we teach our clients is designed to be as simple and as easy to use as possible. If you go to a Love Systems bootcamp, you won’t hear unnecessary jargon unless it’s something that actually helps you to date women. Anything else is just mental masturbation.

We’re constantly evolving here at Love Systems: Magic Bullets updates that customers automatically get reflect that. Between Mr M and Braddock with Social Circle Mastery and Inner Game, The Don with Strippers and Hired Guns, and my own Day Game stuff, there’s very little at Love Systems that we’re not figuring out. We’re working to give you guys the best possible dating lives you can have – that means constantly developing new ideas and testing them out.

When I browse through online forums, I look at most of the queries and think, “This can be dealt with if that guy just read Magic Bullets.” But I know, I know, people are lazy. Well, no one else is gonna do the hard work for you in life! Your happiness and success is your responsibility alone.

Not surprisingly, the book is the foundation of everything I and other instructors teach at Love Systems. If you want to see a preview, you can read sample chapters of the book before you buy. And as with all Love Systems products, a full refund policy applies, so there's literally no risk.

It’s important to remember though that reading Magic Bullets doesn't mean you will never need to read anything else. There are other great books out there but NONE of this stuff will help you as much as if you had the right foundations in the first place, which is what Magic Bullets gives you. Day Game Workshop clients who have read Magic Bullets or taken a bootcamp inevitably perform better and get more out of it than those who haven’t.

Finally, don't take anything you learn as gospel. You need put yourself out there, apply your knowledge and see how it plays out. We are all individuals and will have different styles of interacting with people. So put your individual stamp on what you do, keep tweaking, experimenting and testing out new techniques. The fun part comes when you stop reading and finding out what you enjoy and what works for you.
Magic Bullets

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