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NLP Seduction - Girl friend test

This is fun opening or conversation idea loosely based on one of Juggler's excellent ideas.

I have a simple test to see if any one's got the right qualities to be my girl friend friend. It's based on three questions and a fourth if you get the three right. If you're at all curious I'll ask you.

Do you prefer chocolate or champaign?

Wait for answer.

Do you prefer being kissed on your neck or your toes?

Wait for answer.

Would you prefer a man that helps you feel safe enough to explore your deepest desires or a man that takes you on a roller coaster ride where your not sure what's going to happen next?

Wait for an answer.

Whatever the response. You got two out of three - Good but not quite good enough. Have a go at the fourth question....

Tell me something important about yourself that nobody knows about?.

What ever the response. Not quite there but I like you. (assuming you do!)

You'll be pleasantly surprised at where this might lead...

Any questions give me a call.

Or simply add a comment!


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