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You shouldn't play this game

I was talking to a friend of mine who was talking about a friend of his who was/is very successful with women. He said that his friend had developed an approach that was incredibly simple and yet worked.

After his friend made a connection and decided he liked the person he would ask her if she wanted to play a slightly erotic game. He would then tease a bit saying that it was a bit risky and she shouldn't play unless she really, really wanted to.

Each player has a turn to come up with five suggestive words and the next person then comes up with five more etc etc. The idea is as the least suggestive words get used up the responses get more interesting- and he's always surprised how interesting they get. The loser is the one than gives up first.

Interestingly enough this guy uses this both with one partner or occasionally ends up playing it with a group of women. He simply goes up a group and asks if they want to play a slightly risky game.

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