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I've just been watching and listening to David Dangelo's 77 Laws of success with women and dating and have listed my favorite 20. This two DVD set is a sort of summary from his (many) other programmes - Its very good if you want a summary of his thoughts.

  • Accept everything the way it is
  • Eliminate failure by learning from it
  • Compare your progress and success only with yourself and not others
  • See yourself as high status
  • Travel
  • Never wine, bitch or complain....ever
  • Surround yourself with success models and eliminate failure models
  • Learn to enjoy yourself whatever happens
  • Be unbelievably honest, authentic and blunt when it's time be direct
  • Don't behave in a boring or predictable way
  • Learn to tell an interesting story about anything
  • Learn how to turn a women on mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Lead
  • Behave as if you have 100 women calling you daily
  • Engage her emotion and body, not her mind (to start with)
  • Be honest ethical and authentic always
  • Turn everything into an adventure
  • As you learn pay careful attention to every detail of your personal hygiene, dress, style, posture and voice tone - until they have reached the level of 'unconscious competence'
  • Let her problems be her problems
  • Develop your awareness
  • Set up your life so you're constantly meeting interesting, attractive, available women automatically

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