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Confessions of a palm reader - part 1

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Palmistry :

I really enjoy reading palms and in addition to it being fun I do it for three reasons:

  • A surprisingly easy and effective way to really get to know someone
  • To give them some genuine, unique and positive new insights about themselves
  • Sometimes we develop a strong bond / connection between us

It's really a mix of palmistry and mild (and very safe) hypnotic skills.

My approach is to explain is that I develop a connection with whoever's palm I'm reading; create a really safe space between us so that they can safely explore anything that comes up - and they can totally be themselves. They do NOT have to share any of their private thoughts although they may choose to do so. And the palm reading provides a framework to the content we may choose to explore.

In the right circumstances this creates the possibility of the person whose palm is being read to connect with their inner wisdom - which is very powerful.

When I feel/look at palms I look at the difference between their hands which compares their potential to what they've already achieved.

I look at the shape of the hand - Elementary (nature loving, physical), practical (pragmatic, reliable) , spatulate (confident, mechanical), conic (imaginative, creative), philosophical (intellectual, cultured), psychic spiritual, mystic ), mixed (flexible).

I look at the key lines of the hand - Heart (emotions), head (intelligence) and life (spirit/energy) and compare potential with what's been achieved.

I look at the key mounts of the hand Venus (love), mars (coping with life) and Uranus (unconscious abilities - intuition etc) and again compare potential with what's been achieved.

Within the unconscious (if I'm talking to a women) I point out that she has a special place where she holds her secret desires, fantasies, daydreams - where if she finds the right person to explore them with her can reach heights of ecstasy and can reach and develop her potential as a women; if she finds the wrong person it may cause extreme pain - but oddly enough can still enable her to reach her potential as a women. But many women don't always have the courage to share these thoughts with lovers or husbands or even themselves.

Is any of the above based on any reality at all? In a way it doesn't matter - the test of any NLP is not is it true - but does it work?

So in the name of science (?) and to get some concentrated practice in I bought a VIP card at the local lap dancing club and set off to see how many more palms I could read......

You maybe surprised at the results,

To be continued....

(NB an excellent palmreading book is "The complete idiots guide to palmistry" which you can read about / buy here)

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